Nancy’s Percolating Brew … and a Pitch for Mitch: a Postscript

No one that watched the commencement of the Senate’s impeachment proceedings on January 16 could miss the solemnity of the occasion. It was striking to watch 99 Senators solemnly swear to “do impartial justice according to the Constitution and the laws.” The contrast between the Senators’ oath and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s comments, prior to the beginning of the trial, that he would coordinate closely with the White House in conducting the proceedings … was jarring.

In mid-November, in the post cited above, I referred to a solicitation that I had then recently received from U.S. IA Sen. Charles Grassley, seeking campaign contributions not for his benefit, but to aid the campaign of Sen. McConnell. I observed that it seemed odd for Mr. McConnell to be reaching all the way into the Midwest for support, and noted that a close friend much closer to the Bluegrass State than I am considers Mr. McConnell more vulnerable than those of us outside the region might assume. Mr. McConnell may attempt to rationalize the dichotomy between his comments and his oath, but I would submit that to people on figurative Main Street in the “Flyover Country” that the Republicans claim to represent – and perhaps in Lexington, Louisville, and Paducah – he looks like a liar. If Kentucky Democrats don’t run endless ads highlighting the contrast between Mr. McConnell’s comments about his impeachment coordination with the White House and his oath to do “impartial justice” in the Senate trial … I fear that they are passing up a significant opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Nancy’s Percolating Brew … and a Pitch for Mitch: a Postscript

  1. I also felt moved with the solemnity as the oath was being administered but couldn’t push down the idea that for a few minutes everyone felt this and would think fairness,etc. When oath was over, I thought, “Ok, back to business of not voting for impeachment by the Senate!!”
    I guess Mitch believes it’s totally ok to give impression to drop language that says he won’t really be listening to proceedings with fairness in mind!😡


  2. Jim,
    If indeed Kentucky Democrats (and, for that matter Democrat’s nationally) decide to run ads if the sort you describe, it will be very interesting. I agree the contrast ought to be damaging to the incumbent Republican Senators. But will it be?

    More than ever, in this post-statesman era, Mitch no longer possesses a political persona beyond that of a sycophant of trump. An important part of that persona is to serve as bulwark against House legislation. He and trump supporters view impeachment as unconstitutional; they have even less regard for its merit than they do the countless House legislative bills.

    I will be interested to see just how effective such ads will be, since Trump will have Mitch’s wagon in tow. The Dems will have to explain to Kentuckians the meaning of an “oath.” But no one will need to be told how to understand Mitch saluting his chief. Mitch’s subservience is, after all, his ticket to ride that wagon to reelection.


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