Personal Fallout from the Trump Campaign and Presidency

I’ve heard it suggested that Donald Trump never expected nor truly wished to be president – that he ran as a huge marketing ploy for his businesses and brand.

Particularly if that is so, one can imagine that a number of avid supporters of the President that may well be thinking privately – albeit for different reasons – that they would be in much happier places in their lives today had he never run for office.  Without any deep reflection, I’d offer at least:  Mrs. Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.; Jared Kushner; Ivanka Trump; Reince Priebus; Sean Spicer; Michael Flynn; Michael Flynn, Jr.; Paul Manafort; Rick Gates; George Papadopoulos; Jeff Sessions; Tom Price; Wilbur Ross; Rex Tillerson; Bob Corker; and – perhaps – the President himself.

Only a few Trump supporters come readily to mind that (at least as of today) are now seemingly in better places in their careers – again, for different reasons — due Mr. Trump’s candidacy and presidency, than they would be otherwise:  Steve Bannon; Nikki Haley (admittedly not necessarily an “avid” supporter of Mr. Trump’s candidacy); and – perhaps – Mike Pence.

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