(Nielsen) Why would …

… an able person with a bright future like Kirstjen Nielsen – previously utilized in different ways by Administrations of both parties — so transparently dissemble for President Trump in a manner that has virtually assured that due to a single Congressional session, her career is dead ended – that no serious President of either party will ever again appoint her to a significant post?  Today, the Morning Joe talking heads criticized Ms. Nielsen sharply for acting in what they consider her misplaced loyalty to Mr. Trump.  However, at one point while she was serving as Deputy White House Chief of Staff, the President’s close supporter, Roger Stone, was quoted describing her as “… a neocon who likely did not vote for Donald Trump and certainly does not support his non-interventionist worldview.”  That hardly sounds like a diehard Trump loyalist.

A musing:  that Ms. Nielsen did testify as she did out of loyalty – but to Mr. Kelly, not to the President.  She was apparently a surprising choice for DHS to some; one wonders whether Mr. Kelly got her the role to get her out of the White House (where she was reportedly not popular with some of the President’s intimates) and into the (presumably) politically safer environs of DHS by in part persuading a paranoid President that she would be safe and loyal.  If so, Ms. Nielsen may have acted as she did yesterday not to protect the President’s standing with the nation, but Mr. Kelly’s standing with the President.

A second musing:  if the first musing is correct and Mr. Kelly is the man he is reputed to be, he is wildly angry at Ms. Nielsen for sacrificing her career for him …

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