Welcome 2018 Addition — or Blown Pick?

This has been such a sad year for us Packer faithful that there hasn’t been much to write about.  However, to add insult to injury, I read yesterday that Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt – formerly a ballyhooed Badger – made the NFL’s all-rookie team; meanwhile, the Badger linebacker that Green Bay selected when it could have selected Mr. Watt – Vince Biegel – spent most of the year injured and didn’t – at least to me – create much impact when he was on the field late in the season.

Time will tell.  Perhaps, Mr. Biegel – assuming he’s healthy — will outshine Mr. Watt starting next year; but if he doesn’t, and Mr. Watt continues to shine, that’ll be a blown pick on the scale of Ron Wolf’s selection of Terrell Buckley instead of Troy Vincent in the 1992 draft.  I’ve always felt that the Buckley pick – leaving the Packers with a hole in secondary that Troy Aikman exploited for several years, until Mr. Wolf drafted Craig Newsome in 1995 – cost the Packers an earlier Super Bowl Championship in the Favre era …

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