Fire and Fury

Over the last few days, I’ve read most of Michael Wolff’s book.  Although it’s easy to see why the President is upset about its unflattering portrayals of him and his key aides, the book somewhat ironically also leaves an impression that, if accurate, supports the Administration’s denial of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia:  the key players appear as shady bungling neophytes, not savvy malevolent plotters.  Mr. Wolff notes Steve Bannon’s breezy dismissal of any Russian collusion:  “ … the Trump campaign was not organized enough to collude with its own state organizations…”  (No matter what you think of Mr. Bannon’s politics, he has a wicked wit.)  It will be sadly in keeping with Mr. Wolff’s portraits if the President and his cohorts are ultimately proven to have obstructed justice by trying to impede and mislead law enforcement officials’ investigation of a collusion that never existed …

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