If I were President … Gun Control

A Letter to the Editor I have just forwarded to the Wisconsin State Journal:

While I strongly believe that our representatives should be collegial and collaborative in governing, the stalemate over gun violence in our society has gone on years too long.  If I were President – recognizing the gauntlet I’d be throwing down to Congress — I would go on TV and read, state by state, the names of the Congressional leadership and all Senators and Representatives that as of the night I spoke were unwilling to vote for aggressive background checks for gun buyers and a ban on the sale of assault weapons.

I would conclude with this:  “When one of these horrific incidents happens again – and it will – I’ll be back, reading the names of the Congressional leaders and the members of the Congressional delegation of the state where the incident occurred that refuse today and were refusing on the day of the next incident to support background checks and an assault weapons ban.  And then … I’m going to do the same after every future incident until we get appropriate background check and assault weapons ban legislation in place.”

Although President Trump will obviously never do this, we need an approach that will scare legislators more than the NRA.

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