Letter to WSJ Editor, re: Sen. Hatch’s “Protect Mueller, but Not Like This”

Ever persistent, I just emailed the following Letter to the Editor to The Wall Street Journal in response to Sen. Hatch’s cited article:

While asserting in “Protect Mueller, but Not Like This” (Opinion, April 25), that a bill being considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee to constrain the president from firing special counsel Robert Mueller is unconstitutional, Sen. Orrin Hatch indicated in several ways that he believes that Mr. Muller’s investigation should be allowed to run its course.  Mr. Hatch went so far as to say that if the president dismisses Mr. Mueller, it would “trigger … possibly even impeachment.”  He concluded with a ringing affirmation that the rule of law cannot be protected by “… violating the supreme law of the land.”

About 20 years ago, conservative commentator Ann Coulter argued in one of her books that the Founding Fathers did not consider grounds for impeachment in the American system to be limited to legally criminal behavior, and that the standard was simply that the official “behave amiss.”  Sen. Hatch is presumably as aware of these authorities as Ms. Coulter.  The senator’s expressions would have had a greater ring of sincerity – and potentially a greater impact on the president’s behavior — if he had concluded his essay by stating that if President Trump does dismiss Mr. Mueller without cause, Mr. Hatch will vote to impeach Mr. Trump if an article of impeachment citing the dismissal comes before the Senate while Mr. Hatch remains a member.

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