For 2019

Among the books I’ve been reading lately is Conservationist Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac and Sketches from Here and There, which he composed during the 1930s and 40s.  In his sketch, “Wisconsin,” Mr. Leopold wrote:  “To see America as history, to conceive of destiny as a becoming … all these things are possible for us, and to achieve them takes only the free sky, and the will to ply our wings.”

2019 may be a tumultuous year.  Let us pray [or hope, if you prefer 🙂 ] that our leaders fairly address the many issues we face rather than exploit them; that what is true, just, and good for our people and those around the world will ultimately hold sway; and that the year brings us the grace to recognize and appreciate the blessings we receive, and the strength to overcome the obstacles we encounter.

Happy New Year.

5 thoughts on “For 2019

  1. Jim, anecdote-when I came to The UW in fall of 1974, I would listen to WIBA-FM as it played the best prog rock (Renaissance; Emerson, Lake, and Palmer; early Genesis (The Musical Box one of my all time favorite songs); Wishbone Ash. I could go on and on. (Judy would say I just did.)). Anyway, on Sunday nights, instead of music, they would have readings from The Sand Country Almanac. To say the least, 18 year old Bill wanted Jethro Tull, not musings on the beauty of cedar waxwings. Age sometimes brings wisdom. Now, while I still love me some Steeleye Span, I love the bandit look of a cedar waxwing or the intelligence of a blue jay.
    I can still conjour up the smell and feel of that first dorm room away from home and studying to A Sand Country Almanac.
    A blessed New Year to you.


    1. Hey – I have learned a lot more about Wisconsin wildlife and fauna by reading Leopold than I’ve ever recognized or understood before … but (from what you would certainly agree is my own peculiar perspective) it’s the combination of his knowledge of our environment and the grasp he had of America and human nature that set him apart. Our very best to you and Mrs. K.


  2. I’m inspired by your New Year’s reflection to say thanks for the generously thoughtful posts in 2018. I’m a newcomer to the blog, and I have found it worthwhile and interesting.
    Mr. Noise (I’m erring in favor of the anonymity you evidently desire), in the year to come I look forward to “more like that” and to reading comments of your readers.


    1. Hey, Dan – Thanks for your very gracious note. Chris and I were engaged with dismantling Holiday trappings over the last few days, so only getting to a reply now. I am very much enjoying the blog. I have no intent to appear anonymous, but likewise, no desire to promote. Please comment on any note if you have the urge; as of right now, the comments come only to me. (One thing I’d like to accomplish in 2019 is to figure out how to open the Comments Section to all readers – something that doesn’t currently happen due to my limited understanding of the technical features of the site.) Let’s look for an opportunity to tip refreshers before too long! Have a great 2019!


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