A Personal Note

Set forth below is a link to an announcement by the Columbia University Journalism School. As the most biased of observers, I would suggest that this year’s recipient of the Columbia J School’s Berger Award provides the best of journalism: straightforward, comprehensive reporting of the terrible difficulties in which too many of our people find themselves as we move ever faster, think (and at times seem to feel) less deeply, resort too much to slogans and labels, and focus too much on our differences rather than upon what our nation needs and can be — for those that already live here, and for those that seek refuge in the values that have set us apart from the rest of the world.


I believe that one sentence from the Award Jurors’ Citation best captures our son’s work: “McCoy gives them a voice and, for us, a window into their torment.” His mother and I are more proud than we can ever put into words.

6 thoughts on “A Personal Note

  1. Congratulations to Terry on this outstanding achievement! You and Chris undoubtedly are bursting with pride! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news,


  2. Jim, Terry is doing remarkable work. I read the Calderwood/Tibbets story months ago and found it riveting. I’m interested now to read his other stories cited in the award announcement. You and Chris have much to be proud of.


  3. Wonderful news! Congratulations to Terry. He’s been doing great work for years and it’s nice to see his peers and industry professionals acknowledge him. I’m sure you and Chris are deservingly bursting with pride. Let’s hoist a few toasts in honor of Terry, the award and you and Chris!


  4. Just listened to the On Point interview of Terry and Calderwood. So nice he’s received the attention he deserves. It’s a tough profession. I really admire, appreciate and enjoy his work.


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