And so …

If we hadn’t already known – and of course, we did – the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie, You’ve Got Mail, informed us that The Godfather is the I Ching, the Sum of All Wisdom, the Answer to Any Question. In a passage from the novel not included in the movie:

“With great effort the Don opened his eyes to see his son once more. The massive heart attack had turned his ruddy face almost blue. He was in extremis. He smelled the garden, the yellow shield of light smote his eyes, and he whispered, ‘Life is so beautiful.’”

We are engulfed in a political storm; hopefully, our republic will emerge stronger from the squall. As we who are blessed embrace the full glory of the summer, may we appreciate the sentiment expressed by the fictional Don Corleone with his last breaths – while recognizing that life isn’t beautiful for large numbers of our people worldwide.  May we not ignore the hardships being endured by so many of those in our country, by those simply seeking a better life that are being restrained at our borders, and by those around the world facing incredible torment …

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