I Cede the Rest of My Time …

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. … I am embarrassed that these gentlemen have to sit here today. The President says, “Read the Transcript.” Actually, it’s not a transcript, it’s a Memorandum – but I did read it. What I saw was an American President asking the leader of a foreign country to help him against another American. It was despicable. He is obviously unworthy of the office he holds, and of us. But what is equally despicable is that our Republican members are too cowed, too gutless, too worried about losing their own little hallowed seats, to do their Constitutional duty. Collegiality is important, but this is more so. You know — you know — what he did was wrong. Donald Trump will always be a rip in our national fabric, but we can mend that and move on. What is going to be harder to recover from is the realization that at this moment in our history, half the members of the Congress of the United States abandoned their sacred duty … simply to save their own hides.

I cede the rest of my time …

2 thoughts on “I Cede the Rest of My Time …

  1. This won’t be the first time Republicans will act like spineless whores. I won’t forget when the Bush economy, a Frankenstein of their creation, was in free fall, heading toward collapse and a depression, just before Obama was elected. Henry Paulson and several economists came up with the bailout plan to forestall a depression….a Republican plan, supported by economists from both parties, and after Obama tried to implement it, not one Republican voted for it. They would rather take the nation down to a depression than be bi-partisan. Any remote chance that I would ever vote for a Republican again vanished on that day.


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