As We Endeavor

I am pretty sure that this is the longest I have gone between posts since I began blogging in earnest in 2017. Adjusting our routine to the current normal, as well as performing customary tasks such as yard work and income tax returns, have consumed a surprising amount of time.  (I’m aware that we don’t need to file until July; but if – admittedly a big if – things are actually improving as summer dawns, who — unless one is glad of the opportunity to defer a significant payment — will want to do taxes then?)  I have, as I’m confident is true of all of us, a number of different reactions to the challenges we face, but they will wait a bit. One of the unexpected benefits of blogging is that one’s friends send you information and links that they find of particular interest. Several are included below:

For those looking for a practical manner to combat the virus and stay safe:

For those interested in many different views regarding how we as a people might come out of this crisis with new perspectives of our world:

Although the federal government has now extended its social distancing guidelines though April, for those that wish to indulge (perhaps a repeat, but well worth another few minutes) in one of the few light experiences occasioned by the crisis we face:

For those that would appreciate sustenance for the spirit:

If you have the means – many of us do not — order from your favorite local restaurant. You want to help ensure that it’s still there when the crisis passes. Consider whether there’s anything you can do to assist other small businesses you appreciate that might have trouble surviving the next few months.

Use FaceTime (full disclosure: I can’t, but TLOML can). It will enable you to see, as well as hear, those to whom you need to stay most close.

Your phone and email accounts list a lot of contacts. Among those are people you care deeply about that, due to life’s demands, you haven’t been in contact with for a while. Communicate with them. You may never have a better opportunity.

The numbers of potential U.S. deaths projected yesterday by Drs. Fauci and Birx have been described as, “sobering.”  I understand why, in their positions, they have accompanied grim projections with restrained tones; I consider the numbers scary.  Stay healthy and safe.

One thought on “As We Endeavor

  1. I have to admit that the mask thing creeps me out. Having worked in a liquor store in North Chicago Illinois, I learned that someone coming in with a mask was not a good thing.


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