A Day of Deeply Conflicting Emotions

Yesterday, the Electoral College cast its votes for president.  Despite the apparently inevitable Trump Conspiracy histrionics that will continue until Congress counts the Electoral College votes on January 6, and the likelihood of partisan Republican obstructive tactics during that Congressional proceeding, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.’s election to the presidency will then and there be formally acknowledged. 

For those of us who feared America’s descent into fascism had President Trump been re-elected, the Electoral College’s official rendering provided a significant sense of relief; but my overall reaction to yesterday’s news was bittersweet. Even as the Electoral College results arrived and the trucks carrying vaccines rolled, we reached 300,000 American Coronavirus deaths — many of which seem indisputably a result of the President’s abject incompetence.  Notwithstanding Mr. Trump’s manifestly undemocratic conduct of office throughout his entire term, my suspicion persists that his gross mishandling of our COVID response was the primary factor in his narrow loss of the combined 37 Electoral College votes of the pivotal states of Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.  If such was indeed the case, let us pray that despite the fringe elements, we can move ahead as a nation – that the avoidable virus deaths we have suffered across our land, and those tragically to come, will not be entirely in vain.

One thought on “A Day of Deeply Conflicting Emotions

  1. Jim, what is little noticed was how close the Wisconsin Supreme Court came to allowing the disallowance of 220,000 votes in Milwaukee and Dane County and, ultimately, the disenfranchisement of the voters of the state of Wisconsin. Thankfully, one of the “conservative” justices, Brian Hagedorn, kept the election from spinning off into chaos. If Trump had won this lawsuit, the insane frenzy we’ve seen from the people that believe the election was “stolen” by “fraud”, would have led to real violence. Look at the comments section of the Wall Street Journal or The NY Times and you’ll see absolute buy-in to Trump’s craziness. A quiet profile in courage is Brian Hagedorn.


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