An Apology

In the original version of a post published earlier today that appears immediately below, I disparaged in provocative terms the intelligence and savviness of those that might view differently than I do President Trump’s level of culpability for the Capitol riot and the motives of any Republicans that ultimately vote to acquit him at the conclusion of the Senate’s current impeachment trial.  I regretted the tone of the note almost as soon as I published it.  While I have no difficulty condemning in harshest terms the patent malefaction of Mr. Trump, his enablers, the Capitol rioters, and those such as espousers of racism, gender or religious bigotry, one of these pages’ guiding principles is to maintain a level of civility when referring to those of our citizens who, while maintaining the same fundamental values, may simply weigh the same facts differently than I do.  The note as it now appears makes the same substantive points as the original, but in at least a somewhat gentler manner. 

An apology – and an appropriate consequence of Irish Catholic guilt  ;).

2 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. You could never be a Republican because you feel guilt after thinking you made a mistake.

    Republican senators cannot feel any guilt after acquitting Trump because they are all co-conspirators. Some actively supported his BS while the rest were as quiet as church mice. Romney excepted. Edk


    1. Am pretty sure I will never again be a Republican, despite my allegiance to the memory of Ronald Reagan, since young Trump blackguards like Hawley, Cruz, and Rubio will probably still be prominent in the party after I’m gone ;). My concern about lack of civility didn’t apply to them — they’re Trump’s enablers — but for regular citizens who, for reasons that mystify me, genuinely don’t see the evil in Trump or what he’s done.


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