Acquiescing to Terrorism

I understand that the U.S. House of Representatives has cancelled its session for today, House leaders having moved a vote from today to last night so, the New York Times reports, lawmakers – described elsewhere in the account as “skitterish” – “could leave town.”  The paper further reports that the Capitol Police force is preparing for another assault on the Capitol building today after obtaining intelligence of a plot by a militia group which “appeared to be inspired by the pro-Trump conspiracy theory QAnon.”

I concede that this appears easy for me to say, sitting safely at home in the middle of the Midwest, but I think House leaders have made the wrong decision.  Given the rumors, surround the Capitol with Capitol Police, the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police, and the District of Columbia National Guard?  Certainly.  Give orders that any individual seeking to forcibly breach any of the Capitol barricades have his/her remains be all that reaches inside the perimeter?  Understandable.  But cancel a session of the legislature of the most powerful nation on earth due to internet chatter?  In my view, extremely unwise.  It appears that our government is acquiescing to terrorism.  Given today’s cancellation, how long will it be before the phantom QAnon designates another day at which Donald Trump is going to be mythically restored to power?  And how long before another day is designated after that?  One might argue that as the months pass and there is no restoration, these unbalanced elements will lose interest.  I would suggest that since it is and always has been obvious to anyone with any level of discernment that Mr. Trump is a charlatan, if these elements had any sense, we wouldn’t be in the situation we find ourselves.

While I consider the decision to cancel today’s session unwise, I refrain from casting any aspersions upon the courage of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team.  I wasn’t there on January 6.  I don’t know the details of the intelligence or advice that the House leadership is receiving.  I do know that it is predicted to be in the 50s and sunny in Washington, D.C. today; balmy weather for a Green Bay Packer game.  If I was a member of the House of Representatives, given today’s session cancellation, I hope that I would put my House pin on my jacket, take a folding chair and a good book – perhaps The Federalist; maybe something by Churchill — and read all day not far from the barricades.

Would I?

I hope I would.  I think I would.

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