The Green Bay Sweep (NOT a Football Post)

Amid all of the mounting revelations of the Trump Cohort’s attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election, I had been vaguely aware of the reports of the publication of In Trump Time, a book by former Trump Administration Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro, but hadn’t focused on it.  I obviously haven’t read the book.  The link below is to an interview of Mr. Navarro conducted last night by MSNBC Commentator Ari Melber.  Mr. Navarro gets to speak his piece, in which he unabashedly outlines the Trump Plotters’ “Green Bay Sweep” strategy to sidestep the certified results of the 2020 presidential election. I am, frankly, numb after viewing it.  Prefatory comments:  as Mr. Melber pointed out and as all who care are aware, over 60 challenges to presidential election results by Trump advocates were rejected by courts across the country; and that in Michigan and Pennsylvania, two states whose Secretaries of State were specifically singled out as partisan by Mr. Navarro during the interview, former President Donald Trump lost to President Joe Biden by, respectively, 150,000 and 80,000 votes.  These weren’t close.

Perhaps as unnerving as any other element of the exchange is that Mr. Navarro clearly believes that what he was undertaking was right.  Further:  as a resident of Wisconsin, where Mr. Biden’s margin of victory was significantly narrower than in Michigan and Pennsylvania, I would venture that the shameless GOP charlatans masquerading as this state’s legislature – despite the fact that before Republicans got it into their heads that they could simply claim black was white, no less a partisan than former Republican WI Gov. Scott Walker tacitly signaled that any challenge to Mr. Biden’s Wisconsin victory was futile – would have used any pretext to throw Wisconsin’s Electoral College votes to Mr. Trump. 

We are in a dangerous fantasy land.

2 thoughts on “The Green Bay Sweep (NOT a Football Post)

  1. Jim,
    Navarro’s pablum for the masses wreaks havoc on democracy. So, he says, it was the combined actions of George Soros, Mike Pence’s staff and the “failure“ of the US Supreme Court that required Trump to ignore certified election results and stifle the peaceful transfer a presidential power.

    Navarro’s “only I can fix it” (because of his exhaustive “research”) is familiar, isn’t it? Republican leaders and state legislators talk of engaging in the same sort of self-help to ignore the law and institutions they are sworn to uphold.

    Relevant, I think, is yesterday’s column by Thomas Friedman, in which he implores business leaders stand up for what remains of our tattered democracy:



    1. Thanks for the note, Dan. Hope you and the kids are doing well personally. It’s impossible not to be troubled at present. While I agree that Friedman’s suggestion and observations are accurate, I doubt it will have any effect — American business has proven itself to have the long-term perspective of a gnat. The Alt-Right no longer has any respect for its opponents, and will deny their legitimacy. I recall the old, “Not My President” stickers about Trump, but always considered those to be figurative statements of intense disapproval rather than a legal declarations; despite my feelings about him, I always considered Trump the President, elected according to the Constitutional rules in place. Unfortunately, I see a very narrow path to Democrats’ retention of the White House in 2024 — and even if they win, less confidence that Republicans will accept it.


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