Watch This

In a recent post, I indicated that I wasn’t going to refer to the hearings of the U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack unless I was driven to write by outrage at the revelation of a particularly-egregious traitorous act by former President Donald Trump or his cohort. 

Below there is a link to a recording of the Committee’s June 23 hearing.  To be candid, while watching it, I felt no outrage, because it was simply confirmation of what I was already confident – and was already confident before January 6 – that Mr. Trump was capable of; however, if you haven’t already done so, I most strongly encourage you to watch the hearing in its entirety.  I know you’re busy, but suspect that sometime this weekend, you have planned to spend a few hours watching a movie or a ballgame.  Your time is better spent watching this.  Snippets you have seen on newscasts offer the headlines but not the full essence.  Hopefully, you have a screen bigger available than your phone.  You may well find it shocking or unnerving, but you won’t be bored.

One thought on “Watch This

  1. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the hearings and read about them. I am not surprised or shocked by any of it.

    What bothers me more than what Trump did, was that 85% of the Republican Party either supports what Trump did or defend it.

    If I was Democratic Party chairman, I would be printing millions of Jail Trump signs (remember when Jail Hillary sign were fashionable?) I would hit this hard in every state in the Union. I would have split billboards with statements from knuckle heads like Johnson defending Trump with the other half featuring pictures of the violence from Jan 6. If Democrats soft pedal this like Biden always does….list another example of why Democrats lose elections. Edk


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