Happy Holidays

Some say that there is no Supreme Being; they assert that our existence is a consequence of the churnings of the universe, the result of an endless metaphysical evolution.  Under our system of government, Americans have a right to hold, or not hold, any feeling of faith we choose, and I absolutely defend the right of those who deny the existence of the Almighty; but I cannot agree.  Life is too wondrous to have come about from a random clash of molecules; it is the product of the Divine, no matter by what name or how He (as always, please excuse the male pronoun for a genderless being) is known.  TLOML and I recently had a chance to catch a reminder of a message which perhaps some of us too frequently forget as we navigate life’s challenges; a link is set forth below.

May you embrace your blessings amid your family and friends during this wondrous Season. 

Happy Holidays.

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Hello from Erin, Mike and Pat’s daughter! Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

    Dad fell into a scammer situation, so we’ve set up a new email address for he and my mom to share. Wanted to make sure you have it.

    Happy New Year to all! Kevin and Teresa- you can let Hart’s know their driveway is clear. 🙂 Rain coming so all should be well melted upon their return. 🙂



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