Pulitzer Prize Finalist

Earlier this week, the Pulitzer Prize Board named Washington Post reporter Terrence McCoy a Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Explanatory Reporting for his series, “The Amazon Undone,” described by the Board as a “[S]weeping examination of the destruction of the Amazon, using rich data and images, that explores the conflicts between those people who see it as their birthright to exploit the area, those who seek to preserve indigenous communities and those desperate to protect the earth.”

This week, our favorite reporter has rightly provided credit and thanks to all of his associates at the Post who assisted him on the series, and in earning this distinction; it is therefore perhaps appropriate to note in these pages the skill, the effort, the research, and the courage of the reporter that were required to discover and describe the many struggles and conflicts inherent in the Amazon today.  His mother and I are prouder than could possibly be recorded here.  A link to the Pulitzer Prize site is below.  

Terrence McCoy of The Washington Post – The Pulitzer Prizes

3 thoughts on “Pulitzer Prize Finalist

  1. Very heartfelt congrats to Terry whose career seems to have no limits. It is a great testament to the talent & vision he brings to his profession, some of which he obtained from both of his accomplished parents.


  2. It’s great to see Terry’s hard work, knowledge and incite acknowledged. Congratulations to Terry and to his wife, parents and all of those who supported him in this series and his career.


  3. This is so great and well deserved!!I had read the piece awhile ago and was so moved!

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