I Agree

Just saw this tweet by chance; can’t resist posting it.  I agree with Mr. Reagan (judging by the date on the tape, speaking less than a month after he left office) – and, obviously, with Mr. Newsom.

Gavin Newsom on Twitter: “Ronald Reagan would get kicked out of the @GOP today for saying this. https://t.co/v1QyzpWd5v” / Twitter

2 thoughts on “I Agree

  1. I agree also, but per your caveat, he said that AFTER he left office and a bit apologetically. The gun loons were present back then too. Edk


    1. I saw the hesitation, but Reagan was never afraid to say what hie thought; I don’t think he was worried about gun activists; he was still the hero of the political right. I had a different — and for a Reagan fan, a more painful interpretation: although he was only a couple of weeks out of the White House, when he had to operate without a prepared text — and it looked to me that he was responding to a question AFTER he had given prepared remarks — he was clearly mentally slipping. We may have been at greater risk during the last year of his presidency than we knew.


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