The President and 2018

Yesterday I heard Michael Steele, the former R.N.C. Chair, comment that the President’s behavior in the last weeks indicates that he doesn’t care who his political opponents are – Democrats or Republicans — and that keeping the House in Republican hands is not his interest.  Given Mr. Steele’s comment, I can’t resist posting excerpts from a letter I wrote in September, 2017   [maybe I should have been a pundit  😉 ]  : 

I wonder if the President – whether or not he consciously realizes it – really cares whether he achieves any substantive legislative goals (save, perhaps, a change in the tax code that puts money in his and his family’s pockets).  He clearly has come to realize that his supporters love him because of what he is and says – as [some] have said, the symbolic middle finger to the elites and establishment – not for what he does.

As a uniquely-skilled showman that seemingly craves adulation even more than money, the President clearly understands that any good show needs struggle and an antagonist.  This has and will enable him to rail against Congress – no matter which party controls it – “for failing to get things done.” Change of control of either or both Houses of Congress will be devastating to people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, but – aside from impeachment concerns — will the President really care?  It will simply allow him to make Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi his antagonists – to blame them for the fact nothing is getting done to help his supporters.

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