Letter to Wi State Journal: Walker Tweet

What is set forth below is a Letter to the Editor I just forwarded to the Wisconsin State Journal; I have categorized as “U.S. Domestic Policy” rather than “Politics” because I consider the discord that currently exists and is being sown amongst our people to have risen from a question of politics to a substantive domestic issue:

In your editorial expressing support for Judge Dallet’s victory, you mentioned Gov. Walker’s subsequent tweet – in which he said, in part, “The Far Left is driven by anger & hatred.”  Such vitriol seems intended to send a message to his supporters that those that oppose him are angry at and hate them.  I am no fan of the Governor, but what I detest is any implication that my deep disagreements with his stewardship in any way equate to any ill feelings toward his supporters (some of whom are beloved family members).  No party or group is the font of all wisdom and virtue nor the pit of all ignorance and depravity.  Although obviously not the first to make this point, I suggest that this should be our central theme in the coming electoral cycle:  whether we Wisconsinites are Republican, Democrat, or other, most of us are Packer fans, appreciate fish fries, cheese and beer, enjoy our beautiful seasons, and would prefer our politicians to compromise rather than confront.  No matter our substantive views, we all need to recognize and reject any attempt by any politician of any stripe to sow venom in order to gain political advantage.

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