Postscript on Earlier Kavanaugh Blog…

A few months ago, I listed the criteria by which I felt Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination — as well as that of any other Presidential nominee — should be judged: (1) Is the nominee qualified for the prospective post? And (2) If so, was there any other factor, such as a substantiated history of drug abuse, sufficient to nonetheless disqualify the nominee?

Conceding that at the time of this post, a credibility contest exists between Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford… If I had a vote, I would now vote to deny Judge Kavanaugh under the second criteria for the reason that I submit that any rational, nonpartisan jury would: the Judge has everything to gain by lying, and Dr. Ford (1) has nothing to gain by lying and (2) wouldn’t have subjected herself and her family to an obviously predictable hyperpartisan whirlwind if she wasn’t sure that it was Judge Kavanaugh that assaulted her.

No matter how this turns out, no one will be a personal “winner” here…

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