Kavanaugh PPS…

Two laments as this process continues:

I noted news reports this morning indicating that Republicans wished to hurry the vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. Admittedly being my most Pollyannish: Shouldn’t they want to hear all the testimony — on both sides — before deciding whether Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed? And if you were Jugde Kavanaugh and innocent as he claims, wouldn’t YOU want all evidence heard rather than ascend to the Supreme Court, if at all, under an undeserved cloud?

Admitting that I am fastidious, I was very disappointed to see Judge Kavanaugh — a SCOTUS nominee, for Heaven’s sake — pleading his case (with Mrs. Kavanaugh) on…Fox News. It shreds any remaining vestige of an impression that the Justices put aside partisan politics. (I’d feel the same if a nominee of a Democratic president was reduced to pleading his/her case on MSNBC.)

Tomorrow…will bring another turn of this unfortunate ride…

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